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EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC )shows how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running a home and recommendations of how to improve the energy efficiency of the property. An EPC is required for properties when constructed, sold or let; a newly constructed home will have one, a landlord will need one to show potential tenants, and a seller must have one to show to potential buyers.

The certificate itself is very easy to understand and looks a bit like the multi-coloured sticker that you get on new household appliances. The Grades on the certificate denote how energy efficient your property is and range from A to G. An A rating means the property is an energy efficient, well-insulated, probably modern home. At the bottom of the scale, G means the property could double as a cowshed!

As qualified assessors for both Residential and Commmercial properties, we can provide an independant service you can rely on. An EPC can usually be produced on the same day as the visit to the property unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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