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Home Logbooks, Property MOTs and agent regulation demanded by NAEA

The National Association of Estate Agents and the Association of Residential Letting Agents have issued their manifesto for next month’s General Election – and they want the next government to intervene in the industry in a big way. The 13 key demands are: 1. Regulation of property agents – The new government must commit… Source: Estate Agent […]

Fall Throughs: more support revealed for Reservation Agreements

Buyers and sellers changing their minds lie behind almost a third of fall-throughs – the single biggest reason why transactions collapse, according to a new survey. The sample for the study is small – just 574 customers of a comparison website over the course of a year – but buyers and… Source: Estate Agent News

Backfired! Ban on second homes makes it harder for locals to buy

A new study by the London School of Economics suggests that a high profile ban on the sale of new homes to non-locals in a Cornish port has backfired – making property even less affordable to local people. Back in 2016 a referendum in St Ives ended with a ban on… Source: Estate Agent News

Cash incentives for network’s lead generation and training

Relocation Agent Network has revealed a new competition in which member agents can win tip to £5,000. RAN currently offers four customer service training sessions and three online seminars covering the network’s so-called Lead Generation Process, aimed at identifying and helping consumers relocating around the UK. On receipt of a lead from… Source: Estate Agent […]

Government blasted over Starter Homes failure

The National Audit Office, a spending watchdog, has exposed the government’s Starter Homes policy with a damning critique of its failure The NAO says that despite the government announcing in 2015 that it intended to create 200,000 Starter Homes, no such homes have been built to date – and the necessary… Source: Estate Agent News