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Zoopla tool will capture leads from Facebook and Instagram

Zoopla is mining data from users of its website to target sellers on Facebook and Instagram, producing leads and making it unnecessary for agencies to use external marketing firms. The portal company’s new tool is called AdReach Express and a beta version of it has already won an award.  It analysis data of users of Zoopla… Source: Estate Agent […]

Treasury grabs record Capital Gains Tax after buy to let sell-off

A record £8.2 billion was paid in Capital Gains Tax in 2017/18 – over £1 billion more than the year before.  The figures comes from private wealth law firm Boodle Hatfield which has analysed HM Treasury’s CGT figures for 2017-18, the latest available data. The yield means that the government’s CGT income… Source: Estate Agent […]

PropTech Today: why are the wrong people driving our innovation agenda?

I wrote last week about Keller Williams and how their leader, Gary Keller, is doing an admirable job of driving innovation through the company by leading from the top; setting an example for the rest of his expansive team to follow with confidence.  In response to that article, perhaps unsurprisingly, I… Source: Estate Agent News

Stamp duty uncertainty could bring market ‘to a grinding halt’ says online boss

Speculation surrounding whether Boris Johnson will honour his pledge to reduce stamp duty risks bringing the housing market “to a grinding halt” warns the head of an online estate agency. The chief executive of HouseSimple, Sam Mitchell, says of the rumour: “It might help first-time buyers or those moving up the… Source: Estate Agent News

Boris Johnson urged to legislate against tiny ‘Hobbit Homes’

A leading figure in urban design is urging new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stand up for the pioneering space standards he introduced as London Mayor. When Mayor for eight years Johnson introduced a total of 75 housing standards for the capital, including some which honoured his pledge to “end Hobbit… Source: Estate Agent News